If your wish is to transfer your business and commerce to the digital world, the right way to start your electronic business would be making a valid online shop or business portal.

Some might think that a business portal does not differ much from the most ordinary Internet presentation, but they are wrong.
The standard presentation of the company provides their visitors only with your information.
Enterprise portals allow users to interact with you as well as with your presentation.
In addition to providing information about you and your activities, a well made portal may also do the opposite.
It can provide you information about your users.
You can find out exactly what your customers need, and thus improve your business.
Furthermore, user interaction changes the content of your portal, so that subsequent users and potential customers can find information about you which your clients are already aware of.

Another very important feature of the business portal is the ability to interact with your employees.
If you own a company that allows its employees to work at home, there is always a possibility to offer them the opportunity of presenting you their work through the portal.
Also, this portal can provide employees with access to the data located in the company, even though they are not there.

Another scenario involves the interaction between clients and employees.
For example, a client wishes to schedule a meeting with a certain employee. Each employee presented on portal can have their own form which customers use to schedule appointments.
Client access portal and schedules, and the portal informs him if a worker is available or not at given time.
The employee is able to see the meeting schedule on the very same portal at any moment.
The possibilities are endless, and they are all there to promote your business.

E-commerce solutions, or popularly known as Internet shops, offer the opportunity to sell your products online.
All over the world there is an increasingly popular trend of online shopping.
Be a part of it!
We can help you set up your online shop using our own e-commerce solution or popular open source solutions.
The choice is yours!
In addition to that, we are at your service to design the accompanying website, making the website or anything else related to your online shop.
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